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Sept 21 City Council Meeting

  Support Option 3  Attend meeting, call in on Zoom.  Agenda (

If you love Fairview Park and want to keep it a passive nature park then, PLEASE email the Costa Mesa City Council and tell them before the 

Sept. 21st  meeting:

  • Silent Gliders ONLY in Fairview Park (Fairview Park Master Plan pg.33) No RC Planes, Drones, or Helicopters

  • No grading on a vernal pool watershed 

  • Protect the Natural and Archaeological Resources in Fairview Park for present and future generations.

Fairview Park is a unique nature park with the only vernal pools left along the California coast north of San Diego. Endangered and threatened wildlife and Species of Special Concern are disappearing from Fairview Park due to the degradation of their habitats over the years. It is TIME NOW to protect these rare resources and restore Fairview Park so we can all really enjoy and thrive from its spectacular beauty that makes us healthy and happy. Please contact your elected officials asking them to vote to allow Silent Gliders Only.


All City Council (714) 754-5107

John Stephens, Mayor (714) 754-5285 

Andrea Marr, Mayor Pro Tem (714) 754-5285 District. 3

Manuel Chavez, Council member (714) 754-5285 District 4

Loren Gameros, Council member (714) 754-5285 District 2

Jeff Harlan, Council member (714) 754-5285 District 6

Don Harper, Council member (714) 754-5285 District 1

Arlis Reynolds, Council member (714) 754-5285 District 5

Janet Hauser, Executive Secretary (714) 754-5107 

Cc: Brenda Green, City Clerk

Constituent Services Te

am (714) 754-5105 constituentservices@costamesaca.govLink to identify your District and the Council Member who works for you:

2020 Costa Mesa Voting District Information | City of Costa Mesa (


We are on a mission to restore, preserve, and protect Fairview Park in Costa Mesa, CA for present and future generations.



Maintaining the biological and archaeological resources, we strive to sustain Fairview Park as an open, undeveloped, natural park, for public enjoyment in perpetuity. 


We protect Fairview Park’s natural beauty and native species, while ensuring the community has a safe and fun place to explore the great outdoors.


With a goal to restore the native ecosystem at Fairview Park for both wildlife and future visitors, Fairview Park Alliance hosts volunteer events and restoration days to remove invasive species that threaten the natural beauty and native inhabitants of Fairview Park.


You Can Make an Impact 

The Fairview Park Alliance is dedicated to educating the public of the natural beauty and live habitats within Fairview Park. Your donations help fund community education and preservation and clean-up tools.

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